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ECOREACH s.r.l. is a consultancy and R&D company aiming to provide dissemination plans, management support on a wide range of research areas focusing on life sciences, with specific focus on marine environmental sciences. ECOREACH s.r.l. realizes multimedia products aimed at education, training and efficient divulgation of scientific knowledge. ECOREACH s.r.l. works in collaboration with academia, research centers, non-governative organizations and scientific associations, public bodies and other SMEs. The ECOREACH s.r.l. team is composed of 3 people experienced in project coordination and management, laboratory and field research, statistical analysis of data, tutoring and training activities.



ECOREACH will co-lead WP6, will be a member of the Steering Committee, and participate in: WP5 supporting the creation and management of business and users club, Support to meetings organization and production of printable and e-material useful for the meetings; in WP6 by compiling the Dissemination Plan, building up the stakeholder database, create and operate the MERCES website, prepare printed and e-material, represent the point of access to information and resources related to/generated by the project, contributing to the production of materials for teachers, art competition for kids and Open days or Science Festivals, supporting the public engagement activities and the promotion of the citizens science projects, working on the set up of the mailing list and partners’ area of the project website, setting up a dedicated section of the website focused on exchange of information for young researchers and will support the promotion of the events, creating and activating the repository of scientific papers produced during (and after); in WP7 by contributing, as a member of the Steering Committee, to the project management and in particular by contributing with personnel involvement to the Project Management Office, supporting the organization of the AFRIMED events and their promotion, supporting the preparation of the management templates and their upload on the website, taking care of the production of the Data Management Plan, keeping the website update for two years after the end of the project.



Dr. Silvia Bianchelli (female) (PhD), co-founder of ECOREACH s.r.l.– Project Manager. She has 6 years of experience working in national and EC projects, having contributed to the development, management and/or dissemination of over 5 research projects. She deals with the management of the overall project (e.g., compiling reports, deliverables, organizing internal meetings) and dissemination issues (maintaining the project website and social media accounts, producing press releases, policy briefs and newsletters). Currently co-leader of the WP9 “Dissemination and Outreach” of the EU H2020 MERCES project. Main activities in the AFRIMED project will be dedicated to WP6 and WP7.

Dr. Francesca Marcellini (female) (PhD), CEO of ECOREACH s.r.l. She has been working in the field of marine biology and ecology during the last 5 years, both in academia and the private sector. She has strong experience in management and disseminating scientific projects in benthic ecology and human pressures on marine ecosystems. She deals with education, training and stakeholder engagement activities, organizing courses and international scientific events. Main activities in the AFRIMED project will be dedicated to WP6.