Cebrian  Emma
E-mail address: emma.cebrian@udg.edu


UdG and specially the Institute of Aquatic Ecology owns high-qualified laboratories operating in the fields of ecology, marine biology and nature conservation. The involved scientists have ample experience in benthic ecology and marine conservation issues. The scientists involved have an outstanding background in invertebrates and macroalgae community ecological studies. It is noteworthy the close collaboration with coastal management and conservation bodies (local, national and regional administrations) especially those dealing with Marine Protected Areas (RAC/SPA, Medpan, IUCN). The members of the UdG have participated in several finished projects directly related to the main topic of the current application, since they dealt with ecology, distribution, macroalgae restoration and population genetics of benthic organisms. The results of the research accomplished during the last 10 years have been diffused in a great number of publications in peer-reviewed international journals and scientific-technical reports.



Scientists from UdG will join resources of personnel and infrastructure for the successful consecution of AFRIMED’s objectives. The main activities relevant for the AFRIMED’s proposal are the in-situ culturing of Cystoseira species to provide species-specific protocols, providing and anlysing long-term data sets to explore the restoration success of indicators, sampling and settling the thermotolerance experiments and Cystoseira population genetics. UdG will lead WP2 together with SZN, and UdG participants will be involved in all AFRIMED WPs (WP1, WP3, WP4, WP5, WP6 and WP7) taking responsibilities for several deliverables.



Dr. Emma Cebrian (female). Researcher from the University of Girona. Her main research interests are the biodiversity of macrobenthic assemblages of Mediterranean rocky shores,  and the anthropogenic pressures altering benthic ecosystems functioning. She has conducted her research on a number of different systems (marine protected areas, human impacted areas, etc.). Her studies combine descriptive work, experimental approaches in situ and in the laboratory. She has participated in several national (Spanish) and International (EU) projects devoted to the benthic macroalgae forest conservation. Her expertise in Cystoseira forests biodiversity, dynamics and culture will strongly contribute to WP2 objectives achievement.