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The Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn (SZN) is the National Institute of Marine Biology, Ecology and Biotechnology. SZN was founded in 1872 and is the most ancient research institution independent from a University. SZN is a public research institution belonging to the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR). The SZN is among the most prestigious research institutions in the world in the fields of marine biology and ecology. Its mission is to perform research on fundamental biological processes, with special focus on marine organisms and their diversity, evolution and dynamics through an integrated and multidisciplinary approach. The SZN has been founder of the European Infrastructure EMBRC (European Marine Biology Resource Centre, and leads the Italian node.  SZN currently hosts ca 240 scientists and technologists covering a wide range of expertise in biology, ecology, environmental science and biotechnology. SZN scientists are involved in several national and international projects. SZN coordinates also the multidisciplinary project ABBaCo aimed at restoring the most intensively polluted post-industrial site in Italy, which represents a unique challenge at the European level.


SZN will lead WP3 (Pilot Actions in the field) and will contribute to: WP1 by collecting present and historical data, with the identification of drivers responsible of regime shits in the Cystoseira habitat; WP2 running specific experiments in the laboratory; WP4 by assessing the effect and success of restoration actions for algal forest in term of ecosystem services provision; WP5 by Supporting the creation and management of business and users club; WP6 by supporting the creation of a stakeholder database within the Dissemination Plan, contributing the webpages general content, and to the production of dissemination materials on project results; in WP7 by contributing to the Steering Committee.


Prof. Simonetta Fraschetti (female). Research Fellow associated to the Stazione Zoologica. Associate Professor in Ecology. She combines field descriptive research, manipulative experiments and spatial analysis techniques for gaining a better understanding of the patterns of distribution of marine biodiversity and of the processes shaping marine communities. The final aim is to incorporate this knowledge in a framework of conservation, management, spatial planning and restoration of coastal-marine systems. The direct involvement/coordination of national (PRIN, SPAMI, MSFD) international projects (CoCoNeT, MEDISEH MAREA, ADRIPLAN, MERCES, AMAre) and working groups (Conservation Group, IUCN, CIESM, UNEP, COST Action) is key to address large-scale issues to solve complex environmental problems (150 scientific publications, H-index 38, Citations 4917, Scholar).

Dr. Iacopo Bertocci (male) Researcher at Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn. His main research interest is in assessing the ecological effects of natural and anthropogenic perturbations in coastal habitats, through the experimental analysis of patterns of distribution of algal and invertebrate assemblages and of how these are shaped by processes operating at a range of spatial and temporal scales. He took part, as PI or collaborator, to several national and international research projects and is author of 59 ISI papers (H: 21 and about 1500 citations; Scholar).

Dr. Luigi Musco (male) Researcher at Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn. His main research interests are marine biodiversity, its role in ecosystem functioning, and habitats management, with special attention to conservation and restoration actions. He is an expert also on as vegetated habitats and biocontructions. LM participated to several national research projects and is the PI of the project ABBACO (3.7 M€) aimed at restoring the post-industrial site of Bagnoli-Coroglio in Italy, he is author of 37 ISI papers (H: 14 and about 700 citations; Scholar).

Dr. Annalisa Falace (female) Researcher in Marine Botany at the Department of Life Sciences – University of Trieste working in collaboration with SZN (special agreement). She fosters an interdisciplinary, collaborative approach to address challenging questions, with a combination of taxonomy and eco-physiological approaches (both in field and laboratory). She took part as participant to several EU and national financed programs. Currently, she is the coordinator of the Life ROC-POP (Promoting biodiversity enhancement by Restoration Of Cystoseira POPulations, LIFE16 NA T/IT/000816) of great relevance for this proposal. Author of 2 books, 5 chapters in book and 68 papers on marine taxonomy and biology in ISI journals (H: 13 and about 713 citations; Scholar)