The Steering Committee, led by the Coordinator (UNIVPM) and assisted by the Project Management Office, will include WPs Co-Leaders. The Steering Committee will play the central role of monitoring and ensuring the achievement of the projects’ milestones and the submission of the project’s deliverables.



Roberto Danovaro (Coordinator) – UNIVPM

Cristina Gambi (Management Office) – UNIVPM

Emmanuelle Girardin (Management Office) – UNIVPM

Fraschetti  Simonetta (Co-leader WP2, 3) – SZN

Passeron Mangialajo  Luisa (Co-leader WP5) – UNS

Cebrian Emma (Co-leader WP2) – UdC

Smith Chris (Co-leader WP5) – HCMR

Orfanidis Sotirios (Co-leader WP1) – HAO DEMETER

Chris  McOwen (Lead WP4) – WCMC

Bianchelli Silvia (Co-lead WP6) – ECOREACH

Nasto Ina (Co-leader of WP3) – UVL

Hannachi  Amel (Co-leader of WP1) – FSB

Sabour Brahim supports tasks related to the field and laboratory work (WP2 and WP3) – UCD