WP. 4. Overview and  Objectives of the Work Package
The purpose of WP4 is to measure the effect and success of restoration actions for algal forests in the Mediterranean in terms of ecosystem service change and social and economic returns.

WP 4 will build upon work conducted by WPs 1, 2, 3 and 5 in order to:

1) determine the nature of the relationship between habitat restoration and ecosystem service generation and identify thresholds of restoration success;

2) evaluate the importance of contextual factors and restoration techniques as determinants of restoration success;

3) assess the socio-economic return of ecosystem restoration;

4) identify policy recommendations to support the scaling up of algal forest restoration in the Mediterranean.

WP4 is organised into four tasks. These tasks will be carried out by WCMC with support from all project partners to generate multidisciplinary synergies. Engagement with the pilot restoration sites in the Mediterranean Sea (Albania, Italy, Morocco, Tunisia), and local stakeholders will occur throughout WP5 in order to ensure the effective consolidation of necessary information and increase local capacity. In close interaction with WP1, baseline data will be collected from algal beds in their current status (‘pre-restoration’) to enable comparison to algal beds that have undergone restoration (‘post-restoration’).

Applicant  Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre (WCMC) is the leader of this WP.