Danovaro  Roberto
Full Professor
E-mail address: r.danovaro@univpm.it.


The Polytechnic University of Marche (UNIVPM) is made up of 12 Departments in the technical-scientific fields spanning from Engineering, Life Sciences, Agriculture, Economics, Medicine and Surgery. The staff working at UNIVPM is made up of about 700 lecturers and researchers, 650 administrative and technical employees. There are about 17.000 enrolled students. The Department of Life and Environmental Sciences (DiSVA) owns high-qualified laboratories operating in the fields of ecology, marine biology and nature conservation. DiSVA has been established in 2011 and includes personnel from former Departments with consolidated expertise in marine biology and ecology, botany, zoology, microbiology, chemistry, developmental biology and reproduction, algal physiology, geology and sedimentology, paleoceanography, physical oceanography, protection, conservation and restoration of marine environments. DiSVA collaborates with many Centers and Universities all over the world (USA, Canada, Belgium, France, Spain, UK, Germany, Norway, Austria, Greece, Croatia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Madagascar, Singapore, Israel and Japan) in the framework of national and international research projects and networks of excellence. DiSVa has participated over the last 15 years in more than 12 EU projects and has a wealth of experience in the ecology of benthic communities and marine biogeochemical processes, and in pilot studies on marine restoration practices in temperate and tropical seas. DiSVA carries out research activities worldwide with specific attention on costal (hard and soft bottom) and deep-sea areas, including the Western and Eastern Mediterranean, Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic and Antarctic Ocean and Sub-Antarctic regions.



UNIVPM is the coordinator of AFRIMED, leading WP7 (Project Management) and will contribute to: WP1 by collecting historical data, mapping, identification of drivers responsible of regime shits in the Cystoseira habitat; WP3 by performing field works in selected sites; WP4 by assessing the effect and success of restoration actions for algal forest in term of ecosystem services provision; WP5 by Supporting the creation and management of business and users club; WP6 by supporting the creation of a stakeholder database within the Dissemination Plan, supervising the webpages general content and layout, contributing to the production of dissemination materials on project results; in WP7 by coordinating the establishment of the Project Management Office, the Steering Committee, supervising or managing the organization of AFRIMED events, monitoring of Achievement of the effective use of the resources, ensuring deliverables achievement, overseeing project deliveries (publications, leaflets, and website), coordinating and ensure the timely release of project’s progress, periodic and interim reports for the EC, leading the overseeing after-life dissemination of the final project result.



Prof. Roberto Danovaro (male) Full professor of Marine Biology & Ecology, Former President of the Italian Society of Ecology (SItE) and of the Italian Association of Oceanography and Limnology (AIOL). Coordinator of the EU H2020 and DG Environment projects (e.g., MERCES – Marine Ecosystem Restoration in Changing European Seas) and IDEM (Implementation of The MSFD to the Deep Mediterranean Sea). Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Chemistry & Ecology (Taylor and Francis Group). Author of 3 books and ca 300 papers in ISI journals (H: 71 and about 16000 citations; Scholar).

Prof. Antonio Dell’Anno (male) Associate Professor in Applied Eco-Technologies and Environmental Sustainability. He performs cutting-edge ecological researches with a special focus on marine ecosystem functioning and issues dealing with environmental pollution, sustainability and restoration. He participated to several international EU funded projects and is the author of 105 articles in peer-reviewed journals (H: 40 and ca. 5400 citations; Scholar);

Prof. Fabio Rindi (male) Senior Lecturer of Botany (Phycology). His research focuses on several aspects of algal biology, in particular, molecular phylogeny, evolution, taxonomy, reproduction, life histories and functional traits of marine macroalgae. He has been involved in 12 national and EU research projects and is currently a member for Italy in the Management Committee of the COST Action PHYCOMORPH. Author of 90 papers in ISI journals (H: 25 and about 2020 citations; Scholar).  

Prof. Cinzia Corinaldesi (female) Associate Professor of Applied Marine Ecology. Her research is focused on marine microbial and molecular ecology, and She had experience in seagrass beds transplanting. She has been involved in 20 national and EU financed research projects and she has been coordinator and scientific responsible for two of them. Author of 70 papers in ISI journals (H: 25 and about 2800 citations; Scholar);

Prof. Cristina Gambi (female) Adjunct Professor at the UNIVPM. Her research interests are in the field of biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in coastal and deep-sea ecosystems. Currently, she is the scientific project manager of the H2020 financed programme MERCES. She has participated to 12 EU financed programs. She is the author of 50 articles in ISI journals (H: 30 and about 2800 citations; Scholar).